Fee Guide

After a thorough examination and assessment you will be provided with a written estimate of any proposed treatment.  We request that payment is made for treatment as it is provieded.  Deposits may be requested.


The prices below are intended as a guide only. We can provide more accurate estimates of cost after the dentist has examined you. We usually request that payment is made for treatment in full at the time of booking.          


Full care from around £20 – £50 per month

Essentials £19.86 per month (includes 20% discount off dental treatment fees)

Routine Treatment

New Patient Examination £65

Routine check-up with scale & polish £80.00

Tooth coloured fillings from £130

Amalgam fillings from £110

Emergency Treatment

Emergency Assessment £65.00

Extraction from £100 – £250


Consultation £75

Metal Braces from £1100

Invisalign from £2950

*We offer flexible pricing plans to suit out patients’ financial needs for orthodontic treatment.  


Treatment Planning £250.00 (deducted from final cost)

Single tooth implant from £2500 (including restoration)

Tooth Whitening

Enlighten £450

Pola Night/White Dental Beauty £350

Crown, Bridges & Veneers

Crowns from around £650

Veneers from around £700


From £325 – £1,100


We stock a full range of oral hygiene products (toothbrushes, mouthwashes, dental floss, denture cleaners etc). Ask at reception.

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